La Vierge Marie
Le Tonnerre (MM)
Marie de Jacques




"My father was Joakim, which is, being interpreted, "Keopa."  My mother was Anna, who brought me forth, and who was usually called "Mariham."  I am Mary Magdalene, because the name of the village where in I was born was "Magdalia."  My name is "Mary, who belongeth to Kleopa."  I am Mary who belongeth to Iakkobos (James), the son of Joseph the carpenter, into whose charge they committed me."


Dormition de Marie






"C'est moi la Fiancée, et
le Fiancé c'est mon mari
qui m'a engendrée; c'est
moi la mère de mon père
et la soeur de mon mari
et c'est lui mon rejeton."

Le Tonnerre


Nag Hammadi