"Ruha is perfectly aware that she is cut off from the realm of light and in exile in this world, like the gnostic Sophia and the Shechina of later Cabbalism. It is only in the perspective of Jewish Wisdom speculations that this ambivalence can be understood. Ruha is called at the same time the Holy Spirit and the prostitute, just as Sophia in Brontè is the saint and the whore, just as in Simonian Gnosis Sophia is called the Holy Spirit and the harlot."


Holy Spirit and prostitute











"C'est moi la Fiancée, et
le Fiancé c'est mon mari
qui m'a engendrée; c'est
moi la mère de mon père
et la soeur de mon mari
et c'est lui mon rejeton."

Le Tonnerre


Nag Hammadi