"Hast thou not heard, Miryai, my daughter, what the Jews are saying about thee ? The Jews are saying: Thy daughter has fallen in love with a man. She has gotten hate against Jewry and love for Nazōræanity. Hate has she gotten against the house of the people and love for the door of the temple (of the Mandaeans). Hate has she gotten against the phylacteries and love for the flaunting wreaths. Work does she on Sabbath; on Sunday she keeps her hands still. Miryai has cast aside straight away the Law that the Seven have laid [upon us]."


The breach with Judaism







"C'est moi la Fiancée, et
le Fiancé c'est mon mari
qui m'a engendrée; c'est
moi la mère de mon père
et la soeur de mon mari
et c'est lui mon rejeton."

Le Tonnerre


Nag Hammadi