"Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Mary of Egypt were also said to have grown  fleeces of body hair. All of these phenomena were commonly interpreted as constituting evidence of divine protection and favour. One of the oldest sources of female hirsutism can be found in connection with the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, who was regarded as the queen of heaven and of the stars. Depicted as bearded and dressed as a warrior, she was also sometimes portrayed as hermaphroditic. Although she was commonly invoked as the fierce "Ishtar Barbata" in northern Babylonia, she was venerated as a gentle goddess of motherhood and love in the southern regions of the kingdom."


The female crucifix







"C'est moi la Fiancée, et
le Fiancé c'est mon mari
qui m'a engendrée; c'est
moi la mère de mon père
et la soeur de mon mari
et c'est lui mon rejeton."

Le Tonnerre


Nag Hammadi